What you need to know before buying one

People were eagerly awaiting when it was announced that Mahindra Thor would launch a new and improved generation. The domestic manufacturer has launched the new-gen Thar in 2020 and it has been a huge success and icon in the Indian market. Mahindra itself did not expect the SUV to be such a hit. However, this is not an SUV for everyone. There are several reasons behind this.

Here, we have uploaded a video of Musafir Aka Joshi on YouTube. He shared the reason why someone he knew sold a Thar in just 10 days. Vlogger himself is a diesel auto owner and the Thar that was sold was equipped with a petrol automatic. In the video, Vlogger explains why the man sold his Thar Petrol AT7

New Mahindra Thar: What you need to know before buying one

Heavy steering

Vlogger says Thor’s owner felt that Thor’s steering was too heavy. The owner of the Petrol AT Thor thinks the steering is too heavy. He even compared it to his 2017 Mahindra Scorpio. He says both come with a hydraulic power steering but lighter than Scorpio’s steering wheel. This means that the driver has to work extra hard while taking a U-turn or driving on a hill where the driver has to turn the steering wheel repeatedly. The owner also drives a diesel AT and he says that the steering wheel of the diesel Thar is lighter than the petrol AT. The reason behind this is not mentioned in the video. However, there may be flaws in the petrol tank.

Body roll

The second reason mentioned by the person is that Thor has a lot of rolls in his body. The reason behind this is the ladder frame chassis that Thar uses. We have seen the ladder-frame chassis in the appropriate 4 × 4 vehicles. Body roll occurs due to weight transfer and it can make the ride uncomfortable while going through a turn. Simply put, when the driver turns left, the passengers are thrown to the right. This makes the car less enjoyable. Furthermore, the person who owns a Petrol AT Thar initially uses a sedan which makes him feel like there are too many body rolls. SUVs have significantly more body rolls than sedans. That being said, if one comes from a vehicle like the Maruti Gypsy or the previous-genre Thar, the new-gen Thar seems to be a big improvement. The main reason behind this is the leaf springs used by the previous generation of Thar where the new Thar uses independent up front and multi-link rear suspension.

Not comfortable

The Thar is designed as a suitable 4 × 4 vehicle. The primary focus of the vehicle is to go off-road. Malik says he thinks Thar is not comfortable. Okay, the man also owns a Mercedes-Benz E-Class and a Honda City 5th genre so why does the owner think Thar is not comfortable.

Not a family car

Yes, the new Thar may come with front and rear seats but it still doesn’t make a perfect family car. The rear occupants have limited legroom and it is strictly four-seater. In addition, to get into the rear seats, rear occupants must first slide the front seats to the front, which can be difficult. The owner further feels that the rear occupants feel claustrophobic and the AC air does not reach the rear occupants.

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