Video of scuffle between Chandigarh police and Toyota Fortuna driver has gone viral

We’ve heard several reports and seen videos where police are often involved with drivers breaking the rules on the road. As the driver could not stop, there is a video of the police holding the bonnet and driving. Here we have a video of Chandigarh which has now gone viral on the internet. The video shows clashes between police and the driver. What happened? Let’s take a look at the video report.

The video was uploaded by The Tribune to their YouTube channel. The video, which went viral on the Internet, was actually recorded by a man from a car parked behind the Toyota Fortuner. In this video, the driver of Fortuna is seen getting out of the car and the assistant sub-inspector Rabindra is seen standing outside the car. The driver and the police were arguing and soon their argument escalated and they both started beating each other.

Seeing this, a traffic policeman present at the scene rushed towards the SUV and started recording video on his official camera for proof. The driver then started arguing with the traffic police (senior constable Rahul) and after that he got into his SUV. As the driver was very likely to leave the scene, the traffic police forcibly removed the key from the SUV. The whole incident was recorded by the person in the car parked behind the Fortuner and even passers-by stopped to see what was happening.

Video of scuffle between Chandigarh police and Toyota Fortuna driver has gone viral

After removing the key, police were seen taking multiple pictures of the SUV. Fortuner was first stopped by police for a felony, the report said. Accurate details about the crime are not available. The incident happened last week on a road near Punjab University. The matter has been reported to the police and the authorities are investigating the matter. Police have launched an investigation after a police video went viral. While the investigation is pending, both police officers, ASI Rabindra and senior constable Rahul have been sent to the traffic line.

This is not the first such incident in the country. There have been incidents in the past where cars have driven miles away, with police trapping them in bonnets for their lives. Last year, a video of a driver driving with a traffic policeman on a bonnet while trying to stop a Skoda Laura went viral on the Internet. In that incident, the police tried to stop the car coming from the wrong direction. An FIR has been registered against the driver.

Returning to the Chandigarh incident, more information has not come out yet. The exact offense was not specified by the driver. Nowadays, most public streets have CCTV cameras that are installed by the police. Although the driver plans to flee the scene, vehicle details can be found in their database. In this video, police have taken pictures and videos of the car on private and official handycam.

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