Velomobile first seen in India: What is it?

With rising fuel prices, it looks like people will soon start considering bicycles for their daily commute to office or other short distance commute. In metro cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi, traffic jams are a major problem and people spend hours in such jams every day. Recently in Bangalore or Bangalore, people have seen a very unique looking car on the road. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. It is actually a Velomobile which is actually a special type of bicycle that is commonly seen in European countries. What is it doing in India? We explain.

Velomobile seen on the streets of Bangalore: What is it really?

The Velomobile is actually a three-wheeled bicycle that comes with an outer safety cover. The cover is designed in an aerodynamic manner. The rider sits reclining and can also move decently. It is a perfect companion for those who want to travel to the office without getting stuck in traffic. Outdoor protection cover or shell provides weather protection. The three wheels of the VeloMobile provide balance and it comes with storage space for holding stuff. There is no manufacturer in India that makes such products.

The three-wheeler pictured here is actually imported from a Bangalore-based bike store. Bike Store Cadence90 is actually the official supplier of this bicycle car in India. The above mentioned bicycle car is not made in India. It was built by VelomobileWorld, a Romanian company. Velombile bicycles are not cheap to buy. The base variant of this three-wheeled bicycle car costs around Rs 14 lakh in India. The model seen in Bangalore costs around Rs 18 lakh. The customs and shipping cost of this product alone is Rs 1.5 lakh.

Velomobile seen on the streets of Bangalore: What is it really?

Since it is an expensive product, customers are offered customization options and made to order. They can also go for custom-made body shells that will set them apart from others. The bike alone weighs about 25 kilograms and the whole package including the shell weighs about 90 kilograms. The best part about it is that it can run at speeds. Due to the aerodynamic design of the shell, it can go up to 55-65 kmph in a good patch.

The Velomobile or three-wheeled bicycle that was seen in Bangalore was actually owned by Phanish Nagaraj. He first saw Velomobile at the Paris-Brest-Paris event in 2019. This is a very old event where thousands of cyclists from all over the world participate. He has spoken to riders in Germany and the Netherlands who are using it regularly. These vehicles are made on the basis of body weight, height and on demand, said Fanish.

Velomobile seen on the streets of Bangalore: What is it really?

There are plans to use Velomobile every day as part of commuting to the Finnish office. He said. “I’m going to use it as a regular cycle because it’s intended to be used. I already own some unique, rare and custom made bikes. A regular bike will give you a maximum speed of 25 km / h. With the same effort, you can achieve a speed of at least 35 km / h on a Velomobile. Can also go on rough roads. Unscientific humping can be a problem. People are worried about how to find a Velomobile and avoid accidents. ”

Via: Bangalore Mirror

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