After the swollen kidneys, BMW is going to create more controversy by separating daytime running light from the main headlights. We will first see the appearance of the split headlights on April 20 when the 7 Series G70 and its electric i7 siblings will be officially unveiled. Later this year, production-ready XM will adopt a similar format. It’s not just the BMW that is getting the unconventional look, but the Rolls-Royce Specter as well.

However, plans to move the split headlight system forward seem to be in full swing. Insurance Today Citing a BMW insider who shared a few teasers with a future model that has three levels of lighting. Works independently in the sense that you can only turn on the lowest light bar. Choosing which LED is active is done through iDrive 8, which has a sport mode. When turned on, it only triggers the lowest row of lights to make the car feel sticky with the road.

BMW Triple Split Headlight Design 750x500 1

Of course, you can crank all the light emitting diodes to make the BMW more visible on the road. Turning on Powerful Presence mode not only illuminates the three rows, but also illuminates the large grille. However, a person familiar with BMW’s plans said that this mode has not yet been approved for road vehicles. This makes it an optional beam to avoid shocking incoming drivers, but headlights are still not legal.

Received by an e-mail Insurance Today On April 1Prototypes with triple headlights will hit the streets soon, says a member of the BMW design team. Apparently, the split headlight setup has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, so much so that another level has already been planned. Logic tells us that only larger models with a wider frontal area will get them Probably 7 Series LCI?

What would you say about BMW’s controversial design, but we appreciate the luxury brand for having the courage to think outside the box.

Source: BimarToday