Toyota Urban Cruiser has received a 4 star safety rating in the Global NCAP Crash Test

Car build quality is an issue that many car buyers are now considering when buying a car. The Toyota Urban Cruiser Compact SUV was one of the latest SUVs tested by Global NCAP and passed the crash test with a 4 star rating. The compact SUV test received a 4-star rating for adults and a 3-star rating for child safety. The video of the crash test has been released on YouTube by Global NCAP. The Toyota Urban Cruiser is a sub-4m compact SUV that competes in segments such as the Marty Breza, Hyundai Venue, Kia Sonnet.

The video was uploaded by Global NCAP to their YouTube channel. This video uses a base model Toyota Urban Cruiser for crash tests. It was the base model that comes with two airbags and ABS, front seat belt protector and ISOFIX mount. In the test, Urban Cruiser scored 13.52 points out of 17. The car provided protection to the driver’s head and neck, and the body shell of the Urban Cruiser SUV was rated stable. Although it received a 4-star rating for adults, tests showed that the car only provided marginal protection for the driver’s knee and the passenger’s right knee.

In terms of child safety, Toyota Urban Cruiser has received a 3 star rating. It scored 36.68 points out of 49. Global NCAP noted that the ISOFIX mounts, which are offered as standard features, helped Urban Cruiser achieve this score. The testers used two baby dummies in the back. One dummy was 3 years old and another dummy represented a 1.5 year old child. CRS installed using ISOFIX anchorages provides better protection for both child occupants. In the 3-year-old Dummy, the car was able to prevent excessive forward movement of the head and also provide chest protection. However, it gives less protection to the neck. The car provides good protection to the 1.5-year-old Dummy’s chest and head.

Toyota Urban Cruiser Passes Global NCAP Crash Test with 4 Star Safety Rating, Stable Bodybuilding

The Toyota Urban Cruiser we all know is actually a revised version of the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brazer which is a popular SUV in the segment. Global NCAP has tested the pre-facelift version of the Maruti Brazer and has even received a 4 star rating. In this sub-4 meter compact SUV segment, Tata Nexon and Mahindra XUV300 are the SUVs that have passed the test with 5 star safety rating. Mahindra XUV300 scores better than Tata Nexon. Global NCAP also conducted crash tests on Nissan Magnet and Renault Keeger. These two SUVs have passed crash tests with E4 Star ratings, but the Urban Cruiser scores better than the Brezza, Magnite and Kiger.

Maruti is currently working on a facelift for the Brazier and it is expected to launch in the market next month. The Brezza is expected to get an advanced 1.5-liter petrol engine that will be more fuel efficient and will get a 6-speed automatic transmission that will replace the existing 4-speed unit and pedal shifter. Similar updates are expected to be launched on Urban Cruiser soon after the Brezza launch.

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