Torque Motors pulls out ‘Kratos’ electric motorcycle from assembly line

Torque Motors has started production of their first electric motorcycle called “Kratos”. The electric motorcycle will first be launched in Pune and customers will be able to start getting delivery soon. Torque Motors first demonstrated the Kratos in 2016.

Torque Motors pulls out 'Kratos' electric motorcycle from assembly line

Looks like the new electric motorcycle is generating a lot of interest. According to the manufacturer, Kratos built 5,000 exploration and 1,500 test drives during the Alternative Fuel Conclave in Pune from April 2nd to April 5th.

“It’s the time of #Thenewrace,” said Kapil Shell, founder and CEO of Torque Motors. We are preparing to deliver the first set of bikes to our customers. Today is an important day in the journey of Torque Motors. Kratos R has won the hearts of our customers and I am overwhelmed by the love, trust and patience of our customers. Our current focus is on Pune city and the first set of motorcycles will be delivered in April 2022. We’ll be starting to call our customers soon and share more information. This day will serve as a landmark as India’s first electric motorcycle is unveiled on the streets of Pune today. “

Torque Motors pulls out 'Kratos' electric motorcycle from assembly line

Kratos was formerly known as T6X. Since 2016, Torque Motors has been in research and development. The manufacturer is marketing the motorcycle as “Make in India”. The launch of the motorcycle must now be near. Customers will already be able to book their electric motorcycles online through Torque’s website.

Torque has created its own operating system for Kratos. This is called Torque Intuitive Response Operating System (TIROS). The operating system will be responsible for continuously analyzing and compiling data for each ride and handling important elements such as real-time power consumption, power management and range forecasting. Important information will be shown to the rider through the 4.3-inch TFT screen. The offer will also have integrated cloud features. For example, geo-fencing, location tracking, anti-theft, etc. The offer will also have on-board navigation. There are two variants of motorcycle on offer. There are Kratos and Kratos R.

Torque Motors pulls out 'Kratos' electric motorcycle from assembly line

Kratos will have a 4 kWh Li-Ion battery pack. This will power the axial flux motor which is capable of producing a maximum of 9 kW of power and 38 Nm of peak torque output. The motor will be connected to a single speed transmission. There will be three riding modes called Echo, City and Sports. There will also be a dedicated reverse mode that will come in handy when removing your motorcycle from the parking lot.

The maximum speed of the Kratos R will be 105 kmph and an IDC of the motorcycle claims a 180 km riding range. You will be able to fully charge the motorcycle in 4 to 5 hours. Using a fast charger, you can charge the motorcycle up to 80 percent in one hour.

Torque Motors will offer the Kratos R in four color options. There will be white, black, red and blue. The ex-showroom price of Kratos is Rs. 1.92 lakh where Kratos R is priced at Rs. 2.07 lakh ex-showroom.

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