Nick Swift is well known for making some of the best classic mini race cars in the UK. His company Swiftune has been building thrilling and fantastic mini Cooper racers for years and he has built an incredible reputation. In this new on-board drive video, we see why the SwiftTune Minis is the most popular of the race cars.

During last year’s Gary Marshall Sprint at Goodwood, a reverse-grid Group 1 race, Nick Swift started his 1275GT mini race car behind the grid and had to contend with much stronger competitors. It’s not just evidence of his driving; The combination of his patience and perseverance is admirable; But also the quality of his race car.

Despite having one-fourth the size of other car engines, the smaller Mini – with an engine less than 1.3 liters – which is not only capable of maintaining, but actually capable of fighting and surpassing many more powerful vehicles.

Paddy Hopkirk Classic Mini 5 830x553

It was able to do this for several reasons. One is that it is so small and light that it makes it amazingly fast despite having only 1,275 cc engine displacement. Another is that it can carry excessive speed at an angle, allow the Swift to brake later, dive into the front of other vehicles, and return to power immediately without sliding around. The combination of the Swiftune Mini’s light weight, great racing suspension, and virtually square footprint makes it a dream come true for other cars on the track.

Watch this video to see how exciting it is to run on the Swiftune Mini track in anger. Not only is this incredibly fun, but it’s also amazing to see a small, low-powered car overtaking so many cars. Oh, and the noise. The noise is very good.