The Zomato Delivery Boy bike is replaced with the Hero Honda Splendor

Social media has done it again. Here is a heartwarming story of a delivery boy from Rajasthan who used a cycle to deliver. In the early summer, getting out in the scorching heat can be a daunting task. A Twitter campaign helped the delivery executive buy a new motorcycle and discard his old one.

A campaign by Aditya Sharma, a resident of Rajasthan, saw the heartbreaking scene of a delivery executive in the scorching heat. He ordered food from Zomato and the delivery arrived at his doorstep on a bicycle. It was about 42 degrees Celsius outside.

Aditya asked the delivery man how he rides in this scorching heat every day. The boy replied that he had been cycling for many years and now there was no problem. However, Aditya wanted to help and asked him if he wanted a motorcycle.

After the delivery executive said he had no money for the bike, Aditya took a picture of the bicycle and the delivery bag and posted it on Twitter. The post soon went viral on the Internet and received donations from numerous users.

Delivery Boy 31-year-old Durga Meena is known to have started working as a Delivery Executive due to her financial situation. She has done B.Com and wants to read more. However, he could not do so due to financial constraints. Meena further said that she would be able to manage the EMI if anyone made a downpayment and she also promised to return the downpayment within four months.

Crowdfund of Rs 75,000

Aditya wrote on his Twitter that he earns around Rs 10,000 per month and has been teaching for the last 12 years. After Aditya tweeted about Mina’s situation with a picture, online help started pouring in. According to Aditya’s update, Durga received over Rs 75,000 within 24 hours of tweeting. He bought the Hero Splendor as his favorite car.

This is not the first such crowdfunding in India. In the past, many people have helped delivery executives with similar crowdfunding. In India, start-ups are pushing for faster delivery times, which has created many problems for executives. According to Chennai police, delivery executives committed the highest number of violations and handed over millions of rupees.

Many delivery executives use bicycles because they cannot afford to ride a motorcycle. Again, due to rising fuel prices, many people deliberately choose bicycles instead of motorcycles.

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