The upcoming BMW M4 CSL can run Nurburgring in about 7 minutes

YouTuber Misha Charudin spends most of her time around Nবারrburging, so she knows her way around the track and can tell when a car pushes over her class. Yesterday, Charudin posted a message on his Instagram account stating that tests are underway on the upcoming BMW M4 CSL ring. Not surprisingly, BMW’s second home is literally right next to the track. But the surprise was to share four days of informal lap time.

According to YouTuber, the BMW M4 CSL recorded a Norburging lap time between 7:15 and 7:20. “BMW M has rented the track for some practice and marketing activities,” Charudin said in a post. The M4 CSL (although it looks a lot like Facelift M4 or something) did about 7: 15-7: 20. The cars weren’t going to “send full,” so expect a quick lap bar once they’ve gone for it. “

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We asked Charudin in a private message if the time was right or if there was room for improvement. According to Misha, he clocked a BMW M4 CSL at least 10 seconds faster last year. He also mentioned that the recent lap times he shared seemed to be more of a flat out lap vs. practice run.

Currently, the 2022 M5 CS is the fastest production series BMW in the vicinity of Nurburgring. Sport auto test driver Christian Gabbard was able to rush the M5 CS around the track at just 7: 29.57. In comparison, the BMW M4 GTS F82 lapped the track at 7: 27.88. The lap time of the current BMW M4 competition was 7: 30.79.

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When it launches it will be the ultimate BMW on sale and of course the most exciting M car to drive. Its 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline-six (S58) is rumored to have 550 horsepower. This engine is an eight-speed automatic and will only be powered by its rear wheels. The BMW M4 also sounds about 100 kilograms lighter than the CSL M4 competition.

Regardless of the Nurburgring lap time, the BMW M4 CSL will be one of the best M cars ever produced, and one of the most limited cars. The final production number is rumored to be around 1,000 units reserved for the 300+ US market. BMW will unveil the M4 CSL in late May, so stay tuned!

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