The Skoda Kodiak fell 30 feet after multiple rollover crashes; Keeps passengers safe

Accidents on Indian roads are not uncommon. Numerous accidents happen every day but only a few come to appreciate the build quality of their cars. Although we’ve seen many Tata owners thank their car for the build quality after an accident, here’s a Skoda Kodiaq owner who has shared his own accident experience with the car.

By the video Pratik Singh And it shows multiple pictures of the roaring Skoda Kodiak. According to the information found in the video, two people were going in the car at the time of the accident. The owner was driving and his wife was in the co-driver’s seat.

The incident seems to have happened in the ghat part. According to the video, the car owner was trying to overtake a bus. However, he lost control of the steering wheel while overtaking. This caused the Kodiak to slide off the tarmac with multiple rollovers. Eventually it overturned and fell into the water about 30 feet.

Skoda Kodiaq SUV falls 30 feet after multiple rollovers: keeps passengers safe

The two passengers in the car got out with minor injuries and both are safe. In the photo sent by the owner, Kodiak is seen lying upside down in the water. Although it does not show the damages, we can clearly see that the integrity of the vehicle was not damaged. The A-pillar is still firmly in place and the roof has not collapsed.

Skoda Kodiaq is also equipped with a long list of security features. It also gets 9 airbags.

Overtaking on the hillside

Skoda Kodiaq SUV falls 30 feet after multiple rollovers: keeps passengers safe

When overtaking, one should always check the front path and only overtake if it is clean and has enough space. It is always better to wait for a clean road ahead without blindly following any vehicle on the road.

Also, since it is very difficult to get to the right from heavy vehicles moving at a slow speed, everyone nowadays overtakes from the left. However, whenever possible, always try to overtake from the right side of a car as it is safest to do so.

Extreme caution should be exercised when overtaking in the mountains. Most people try to overtake at blind corners, which can lead to head-on collisions with oncoming vehicles.

Modern vehicles with ESP can save a car from such a situation. The ESP automatically applies the brakes to the independent wheels to ensure that the vehicle does not get out of control. However, most of the vehicles plying on Indian roads do not have this important safety feature.

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