The price exceeds Rs 120 per liter as a wedding gift for friends as petrol and diesel gifts

It is a common human nature to give gifts on special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, wedding ceremonies and other achievements of life, due to affection or respect. However, a unique incident took place recently in Tamil Nadu, where a married couple was gifted a bottle of petrol and diesel by their friends.

The incident took place at Cheyur village in Chengalpattu district of Tamil Nadu, at the wedding of Girish Kumar and Kirthana. While they happily greeted all their friends, relatives and well-wishers, the couple’s friends pulled out a surprise with the gift of their two 1-liter plastic bottles, each filled separately with petrol and diesel. A video of friends giving this unique gift at a wedding has broken the internet and gone viral in moments.

The video has gone viral

Call it a prank, the ridiculous video sheds some light on the rising prices of petrol and diesel and how they are perceived as ‘expensive products’ that are better priced than any other expensive item.

As the price of petrol exceeds Rs. 120 / liter, the couple gets petrol and diesel as wedding gifts [Video]

Note that the price of petrol and diesel has risen sharply in the last few days. Since fuel prices are now rising almost every day, it is considered by many as a fun investment item. Some are even joking about petrol and diesel which have better investment returns than conventional investments in companies like gold and stocks.

In two weeks, the price of petrol and diesel has gone up by about Rs 9-11 depending on the state. The ridiculous incident of giving petrol and diesel gifts to a newly-married couple took place in Tamil Nadu, where the current prices of petrol and diesel have reached Rs 110.85 and Rs 100.94 respectively. Currently, Parwani district in Maharashtra holds the record of being the city or town with the highest demand for petrol and diesel. In Parwani, a liter of petrol costs Rs 123.51 and the same price for diesel is Rs 106.08.

Rising petrol and diesel prices, which have seen about 14 revisions in the last two weeks, have become a cause of concern for all citizens of India. This increase has also increased the cost of transportation and other necessities, which has also increased the burden on the pockets of the common man.

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