The pre-facelift Toyota Innova Krista 2021 has changed to look like the facelift model

The Toyota Innova Krista is currently one of the most popular MPVs in its segment. Toyota Innova is a popular model of Japanese car makers in India. It is popular among buyers for comfortable rides, spacious cabins, relatively low maintenance costs and a reliable engine. Last year, Toyota launched Facelift for Toyota in the market with a slight change in the exterior design. Toyota Innova’s aftermarket accessories are already on the market and here we have a video where a pre-facelifted Innova Christa has been modified to look like a facelift model.

The video was uploaded by Autrounder to their YouTube channel. The video begins with Vlogger explaining what the car looked like when it arrived at the workshop, and he also talks about the work done on it. He noted that with just a few panel changes, any pre-facelifted InnovaCrista could be updated or customized to look like the current version. The original color of the Innova Christa was gray. There were several stains and scratches on the car.

They marked where scars and scratches were seen. The dents were repaired using a dental puller machine and the paints were removed from the places where scratches were found. Once the dents and scratches are healed, they begin to put on the body panel. A thin layer of body panel gives the body an even finish and dents and scratches evenly. The whole car got a base coat after painting the excess putty from the body.

The pre-facelift Toyota Innova Krista has been changed to the facelifted version [Video]

After the base coat, the car was taken to the paint booth, where the whole car was repainted. The owner chose a premium quality white paint that looks extremely good on the Innova Christa. While doing this, stock bumpers and grills with headlamps were removed and replaced with units seen in the facelifted version. The headlamps will remain the same as before. As we move back, stock tail lamps have been replaced with aftermarket LED tail lamps. The tail gate has a matrix style LED bar that connects both tail lamps.

Returning to the paint job, the new bumper was also repainted to get an even finish. The whole car was finished in Pearl White Shed which is nice to see. The bottom of the bonnet, the tail gate, the door were all carefully painted so that the color would not look strange or reveal a gray color. These Toyota Innova Christa alloy wheels are similar. Instead of the silver color, they are now painted in a gray finish that goes well with the overall look of the car.

The Invoya Krista seen here is already a top-end model and it offers all the features. So nothing inside has changed. The quality and finish of the paint used is excellent and it looks like the new Toyota Innova Christa. The Toyota Innova Krista is available with both petrol and diesel engine options and is offered with both petrol and diesel manual and automatic transmissions.

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