The MP rescued the injured in his Innova

We have seen in the past many politicians create a lot of problems for the convoy of ambulances and emergency vehicles. Well, here is an incident in Karnataka where a Skoda Kushak and a Toyota Fortune legend collided head on. Union Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmer Welfare – Shobha Karandlaje – stopped the Toyota Innova Krista on the same road and helped the victims. Later, he took a bike lift to reach his office.

The incident, which has gone viral on the internet, shows a Skoda Kushak and a Toyota Fortuna in front of a massively damaged front. Although the exact details of the accident are unknown, the occupants of both the vehicles were injured. However, the passengers of both the vehicles are safe without any loss of life.

Union Minister Shobha Karandlaj saw the victims of the accident while passing through the same road. He told the driver to stop the car and help the victims. Asked about their condition, the MP said they needed to be rushed to hospital. The politician then asked the driver of his government vehicle to take the victims to the hospital.

The official car – a Toyota Innova Christa – picked up the victim from the scene, but the MP took a lift from a motorcyclist on the same road. The video shows Minister Shobha Karandlaj jumping on the back seat of his bike to reach his office.

Politicians have done the same thing in the past

Massive accident between Skoda Kushak and Toyota Fortuner: MP rescues injured in his Innova

We have seen such incidents in the past. A legislator from Chirakonda in Orissa has saved the lives of three people injured in a road accident. Purna Chandra was traveling through Baka district when he saw three accident victims traveling on a bike lying on the side of the road. Baka immediately tells the convoy to stop and help the victims. He was seen getting out of the car to help the victims.

Even Navjot Singh Sidhu was in the news after stopping his convoy to inquire about the well-being of the victims of the Punjab accident last year. Such incidents have become viral and popular because most motorists in India do not help road accident victims due to numerous legal procedures.

Always help the victims of road accidents

It is always important to stop and help the victims of road accidents. Timely help can save lives. It has become much easier to help the victims of road accidents than in the past. The government has ensured that those who help the victims are not involved in any kind of legitimacy. This is something that will encourage future motorists to help victims of road accidents.

Also, 108 emergency ambulance services are active almost all over India. If you cannot take the victim to the nearest hospital then calling 108 can save time and save the victims. It should be the duty of every driver to help the victims of road accidents in any way. To promote this, many state governments have announced cash prizes for such people.

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