The MINI remastered martial version has been teased with a high-end audio system

David Brown Automotive adopts a classic automotive icon and MINI Singer for Porsche 911 with a modern makeover. A new MINI has been remastered to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Martial Amplification. What is the similarity between the two? Okay, both are British companies, so they’re collaborating now.

Like the other MINI remastered builds, the classic City car will be restored to the very last bolt. The special edition will be even more special, featuring an upgraded sound system and other audio tweaks from Marshall. The end result will enable the limited-edition version to “pack a serious, consistently modern, sonic punch”.

Mini Remastered Marshall Version 5 830x554

From the teasers released so far, we have discovered that the MINI remastered martial edition will boast a wealth of gold accents. Much like the audio equipment, the car is going to use gold accents extensively throughout the interior. Additionally, we see contrasting colors on instrument panels and dashboards, not to mention leather seats for sewing.

To imply a tie-up, the beautiful hatchback has a front grille and a glossy gold finish for the three paddles. These include a musical motif featuring gas, brake and clutch play, pause and skip forward / backward (clutch) logos, respectively. Speaking of gasoline, the car is expected to have an A-Series engine of up to 125 horsepower.

Expect higher prices and lower production numbers for the Marshall version

David Brown Automotive has said that the full release of its MINI remastered martial version is set to take place next week. For each car sold, a donation will be made to the Music Trust Venue. It is a British charity that helps recover independent artists after the coronavirus epidemic affected the music industry.

Price details have not been released yet, but the price of the new Marshall Edition could be up to six digits if the previous MINI remastered special editions give any indication. Of course, this is a lot to pay for a MINI, but they represent a classic model.

Source: David Brown Automotive

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