The lucky kid who gets crushed by a bus gets a new cycle

Remember the video where a kid came out of nowhere on the main road of Kerala? The video shows a great time in a situation where the baby was rescued with a jolt. His bicycle was crushed under the state bus. But this time he got a new bicycle as a gift.

The lucky kid who gets crushed by a bus and escapes gets a new cycle

Kannur’s son had fled for a while a few days ago. After the video of the incident went viral on the internet, the Business Unity Association, a dealer in Teleparamba, gave him a new bicycle as a gift.

District committee members said, “We gave the boy the gift to make up for his lost bicycle and to create awareness about bicycle use.”

What happened at the time of the accident?

Last month, CCTV footage went viral on the Internet. CCTV footage shows a typical single-lane road in Kerala with moderate traffic. Suddenly, a child riding a bicycle enters the road at high speed and pushes a biker. Although the bicycle did not fall, the bicycle fell on the spot. However, the child was thrown on the other side of the road.

A state transport bus, which was following the motorcycle closely, crushed the bike without having time to apply the brakes. However, the baby in the video looked good and got up as soon as his bike was crushed.

Looks like the kid lost control of the bike and couldn’t brake. He entered the street from a dirt road, which seemed to be a eroded slope. No one was injured in the accident. Do you think that the child survived the accident? Pure luck or bus driver skills?

It is quite common for fugitives to flee

Luckily, it is not uncommon for Indian drivers to run away in the way they drive. Another incident in southern India shows another lucky incident where a scooter rider was rescued. CCTV footage shows a man riding a scooter speeding into a corner.

As soon as the scooter approached the bus, the driver almost completed the first technique. The man on the scooter then turns to his left and uses the narrow space between the bus and the wall. Even the bus driver saw him at the last minute and applied the brakes.

The man on the scooter misses the bus and goes straight to find a tree. He somehow managed to get through the gaps between the trees and the walls.

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