The E91 BMW 335i is tuned to the automobile with 500 horsepower

One of the easiest old BMWs to tune in is the E90-generation BMW 335i. Its turbocharged N54 engine can easily deliver large power with just a few modes and it is a powerful engine that can handle much more power than the stock without any internal changes. In this new video from AutoTopNL, you can see how fast a tuned 335i can be, as this E91 BMW 335i produces 500 horsepower.

The car specified in this video is a previous pre-LCI car, meaning its 3.0-liter inline-sixty twin-turbocharged, twin-scroll “twinpower” single-turbo engine instead of the one that came with the mid-cycle LCI. From the factory, it produced a very neat 300 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque but it always seemed more than that. Tuners soon learned that the twin-turbo engine was capable of much more power. Apparently, since it produces a 500 horsepower, even 200 horsepower bump.

Being a touring model, it is also a wagon, which makes it quickly practical. The car also has a six-speed manual, which makes it a twin-turbocharged, straight-six-power, manual, rear-wheel drive BMW wagon – the dream of every BMW enthusiast.

2008 bmw 3 series touring e91 03 830x484
Not the real car

The tuning was done by Pure Turbos and it looks pretty fast for an E91 Turing. This also sounds quite fruitful, as you will hear in this video, when the engine is recovered under an overpass. The words of Turbo Hushing are the greatest, adding some serious fun to the experience. Outside of the car, though, it is much louder than the angry, metallic and stock cars. There’s a bit of a burble-tune but it’s not overly offensive.

What’s nice about this car is that it deserves so much for many enthusiasts. The E90s are relatively cheap at the moment, as if the market has forgotten all the non-M3 E9X models, and can be tuned without much investment, especially the 335i model. If you want a cool, high-powered, daily driver, check out this E91 BMW 335i and use it as inspiration.

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