The BMW M4 features convertible velvet Orchid II and Zanzibar II

I have long believed that if you are going to buy a particular car, get it in a particular color. What does it mean to buy something expensive and exciting and paint it black or white or silver? Get something fun, interesting and engaging. Drink something that will put a smile on your face every morning, when you get in your car before work. The BMW M4 Convertible is a special car and, if you want a special BMW distinctive color, these are two excellent choices; Velvet Orchid II and Zanzibar II.

In these two new photo galleries, you will see two colors on the BMW M4 Convertible, as two cars are lying side by side in the snow.

bmw velvet orchid 03 830x553

Velvet Orchid II is a beautiful, metallic rose-like color that works perfectly on the drop-top M4. It would fit best in a sunny, beautiful, precious climate, such as Monaco, Capri or somewhere equally irrational, both in terms of beauty and resources. It’s not very sporty, which means it won’t be for everyone, but it’s a nice color that works well on the M4 convertible.

Zanzibar II is one of my personal favorite colors in BMW’s personal lineup. I personally have a sucker for copper colored cars and M4 Convertible looks great with this kind of paint. Zanzibar II also has a great duality. It looks both exquisite and sporty. While thrilling and lively, it also looks like a color that anyone of taste and class will choose. Every vape-sucking M3-bro gets their car black. But the person who gets Zanzibar is interesting, you want to drink with someone and hear the story from him.

bmw zanzibar 08 553x830

BMW M4 Convertible is a special car; It’s a 503 horsepower, twin-turbocharged, straight-six-powered convertible that will launch supercars just a few years ago, with a drop-top roof for traveling in sunny weather. It also carries a price tag that can fetch around $ 100,000 with alarming options. If you can afford such a car, get it in a special color like Velvet Orchid II or Zanzibar II.

Velvet Orchid II

Zanzibar 2

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