The BMW M2 G87 Speed ​​Workout is muscular to look at in the ring gym

Future BMW models may not have too many spy shots, especially if we talk about M cars. This is exactly what happened with the M2G87, which has been spying for miles on the Nordshelf. The iDrive 8 has nothing to do with the outside of the detail we first noticed because it caught our attention. In fact, the BMW M2 will offer its latest information technology, as opposed to the low coupe stuck on the iDrive 7.

The M2 G87 will be more than just an aggressive M240i because it is already clear that there will be major changes in styling. It will take some time to get used to this square air and the bumper design is quite complicated. Wide buttocks implies that it is necessary to host wide tires for full-fat M, better grip, rather than M performance. If you haven’t noticed, the Kidney Grill has horizontal slats instead of the vertical layout of the other 2er flavors.

Moving backwards, the trunk lid does not look bigger than the spoiler M240i. However, it goes without saying that there will be a big and / or a proper wing for those who are moving up to M Performance Parts. The quad extracts have a generous diameter to suggest that BMW is testing an M2 G87 competition. Last month, a different prototype was captured with the centrally mounted M Performance Exhaust seen on the M4 G82.

The rear-wheel-drive coupe will probably signal the end start for a BMW M car driven exclusively by a combustion engine. Later this year, XM will pave the way for electrified performance models, with the next M5 already seen with a “hybrid” sticker. The M2 G87 may be the last chance to get an M model with a clutch pedal. Alternatively, an automated transition is on the agenda. What the Bavarians are not planning is xDrive because the car will be available exclusively with RWD.

Using an isolated version of the S58 engine shared with the big-brother M4, the modified M2 is expected to deliver approximately 450 horsepower. Of course, this is before the potential hot derivative because the logic tells us that there will be at least one CS. Further down, we are crossing our fingers for an extreme M2 CSL.

Source: Willcoblock / Instagram

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