The BMW E39 with 365,000 miles looks great after deep details

If you are in the “they don’t like them before” crowd then you are going to enjoy this video to the fullest. It’s an old BMW, but one that looks like it just moved out of the assembly line. What we’re working on here is a 2000 5 Series sedan, painted in a beautiful shade of Oxford green. To be more precise, it is an E39 in the 528i specification.

For a car you made when you were really in Junior High, the medium-sized luxury sedan didn’t look half as bad at first glance. However, a close inspection of the body reveals the need for some serious pampering of the paint from a professional detail. After all, it is a 22-year-old E39 that has covered 365,000 miles (587,410 kilometers). Fortunately, Aiden Templein came to her rescue and revived the exterior of the fine saloon.

The BMW 5 Series E39 now looks minty fresh

Restoring the body finish closer to its original state was a time consuming process that contained a mere number of scratches. It was worth the effort because the result is a time capsule that reminds us of the days when BMW designs were well respected. From the fuel filler cap to the exterior trim piece, the automotive detailer did no exercise.

In addition to the cars, the 17-inch BBS RC090 wheels have received the attention they deserve. The mint of E39 seemed strange to the body with slightly damaged alloys. Getting a second lease on wheel life is more therapeutic than seeing the car being revived. Prior to the details, a tan interior of the Oxford Green 5er was deeply maintained which took about 40 hours.

It must be one of the cleanest E39s out there, especially among the surviving examples that racked up more than 300,000 miles. As for the overall design, one would argue that this era of the 5 Series will never get old.

Source: Aidan Templin / YouTube

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