We’re a few months away from seeing the 3 Series LCI, but that hasn’t stopped BMW Japan from launching a special version of the current car. When you think about it, Facelifted 3er has already been released. We are talking about a purely electric i3 sedan for China, complete with iDrive 8 and lightly redesigned headlights. For this model with combustion engine, it may also be available as a diesel touring with standard xDrive.

M Sport Limited adds content above the M Sport specification for The Land of the Rising Sun. It can be ordered as a rear-wheel-drive 318i sedan or an expensive 320d Turing. Both body styles pack up more standard kits at almost the same price as the M Sport.

BMW Japan throws an upgraded sound system and tinted glass. For the 318i sedan / touring and 320d sedan / touring, M Sport Ltd also has heated front seats and optional leather upholstery. Fancy seats come to brighten things up with blue stitching on black. Regardless of the pick, the seats have larger wooden supports. The sedan comes with an electric powered trunk.

M Sport Limited has received the Vintage BMW Motorsport Badge

Although the only image provided by BMW shows cars with standard rounds, we are told that M Sport Limited has commemorative badges. In particular, the classic BMW Motorsport logo signals the 50th anniversary of the M Division. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Available exclusively on the right drive with automatic transmission, the 3 Series M Sport Ltd starts at ¥ 5,840,000 ($ 47,000) for the 318i sedan. The most expensive 320d xDrive touring in the bunch is 6,880,000 ($ 55,300). BMW dealers in Japan are already taking orders and will start delivering after 2022.

Source: BMW Japan