The 2023 BMW M3 CS looks amazing in this new rendering

When it arrives in 2023, the BMW M3 CS M3 sedan will sit at the top of the family. BMW currently sells a base rear-wheel drive M3, with more powerful and, arguably more fun, BMW M3 competition. But the 2023 BMW M3 CS will be on top of both models in terms of performance, price and availability. After the incredible success of previous generations of F80 M3 CS (our video review here), but even with the M2 CS and M5 CS, it’s easy to get excited about the new BMW CS models.

One of the reasons we are excited about the 2023 BMW M3 CS is its power output. According to a source with a good track record, the 2023 BMW M3 CS will produce 540 horsepower, which puts it below the 550 horsepower of the upcoming 2023 BMW M4 CSL. In addition, the BMW M3 CS G80 will reportedly only be available with the xDrive all-wheel system and will only use the automatic gearbox.

On a price basis, we expect the BMW M3 and M4 CS models to be priced at least $ 90,000 considering that the M3 / M4 competition starts in the $ 72,000- $ 74,000 range. We expect some kind of limited allocation for M3 and M4 CS models but we do not have a fixed number. Availability is not artificially limited like in the BMW M4 CSL, so final numbers are based entirely on plant production capacity.

In this new render we can see the design of BMW M3 CS. The front-end M3 competes with the same design, but with an extra carbon fiber lip and yellow racing light that will also come on the M4 CSL G82. There will probably be a new set of wheels specific to the M3 CS and M4 CS variants. Back then, we expected a new carbon fiber spoiler that would set CS apart from the rest of the lineup.

For previous generations, the F82 M4 CS received the same OLED taillights as the M4 GTS but did not receive the F80 BMW M3 CS. So it remains to be seen whether BMW M will throw some special taillights into the mix. Inside, the BMW M3 CS will come with a refreshed design that includes the upcoming 3 Series large curved display. We hope to see a new color palette, just like the previous M3 CS model.

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