The 2023 BMW i7 returns to the 30-second teaser to create the Hype

In about two and a half weeks from now, BMW will finally unveil the 7 Series G70 and its all-electric i7 siblings. Meanwhile, in the case of the German luxury brand teaser, I hope things will add a notch, as evidenced by the attached clip. Published on social media, the 30-second video puts the spotlight on the EV version.

A recent preview of the choice of electric model shows that BMW prefers the i7 over the combustion-engine 7 Series. Depending on which side you are on, it is both good and bad because we are sure that some people are interested in seeing EVs while others are only interested in combustion-engined cars. Regardless, the video hints at both as they will basically share the design and features.

What exactly is there to see in the new teaser? Okay, the BMW dashboard and door panel puts the spotlight on the fancy ambient light behind the crystal finish. We also get a glimpse of the Touch Interaction Bar – basically a trapezoidal display for the front passenger. Also, the i7 features a portion of its new Sky Lounge panoramic glass roof with individually adjustable LED threads.

The 7 Series and i7 will be the first BMW with a new rear-seat entertainment system

The theater screen, one of the most important innovations introduced by the flagship, appears on camera. We first saw it in Las Vegas during CES 2022 in January. At the time, however, BMW refrained from mentioning that it would be installed on the 7 Series / i7. Of course, everyone assumed that it would happen and this was confirmed in last month’s teaser.

The 31-inch display is attached to the roof and comes down to take BMW’s rear seat entertainment to a whole new level. We will remind you that it has a 32: 9 format and it supports 8K resolution, thus creating a movie-like experience. For the first time, we can also see behind the front center console where other screens may or may not be present.

All will be released on April 20th.

Source: BMW i / Instagram

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