Tata Harrier finishes a Toyota Etios behind: Here’s the result [Video]

Tata currently offers one of the largest range cars with the highest global NCAP crash test safety rating. However, the two most prominent cars from the manufacturer for sale in the market without crash test rating are Safari and Harrier. The Tata Harrier is crashing here with a 4-star NCAP rated Toyota Etios. Here is the end result.

The incident is known Nikhil Rana. According to the video, the Tata Harrier crashed behind the Toyota Etios. Harrier appears to have been at a modest pace at the time of the accident. It looks like the Harrier driver failed to apply the brakes on time. The rear-end collision shows damage to both vehicles.

The rear of the Toyota Etios has been severely damaged. On the other hand, Tata Harrier’s sphere of influence seems to be quite right. There are a few scratches on the bumper, where it has made contact with the Etios. However, the rear bumper of the Etios is completely detached.

Bumpers are made to absorb the impact

Tata Harrier finishes a Toyota Etios behind: Here's the result [Video]

The car manufacturers design the car in such a way that the bumper of the car absorbs all the energy during the accident. This allows the car passengers to stay safe and healthy. The bumpers of both the vehicles involved in the accident worked very well. However, the effect dislooded Etios’s bumper.

Also, since the Harrier is a much taller and larger vehicle, the point of impact with the Etios, a sub-4m sedan, was not perfect. Another sedan hitting the Toyota Etios in the same place will get a very different result.

Interestingly, Toyota Etios got four stars in the Global N-Cap test. This makes the Etios as secure as the Tata Tiger. However, Harrier remains untested at the moment.

Security rating is not determined by loss

The safety ratings given by the manufacturers do not take into account the severity of the damage to the body of the vehicle. Safety ratings are calculated according to the impact received by dummy passengers inside the vehicle. One should keep in mind that broken parts do not mean a poorly constructed vehicle.

It is the structure of the cabin and the car that determines the safety rating. Modern cars are designed with crumple zones that absorb most of the effects of an accident and ensure that passengers experience minimal shock. The cabin is designed in such a way that it does not break during an accident and protects passengers from being crushed during a high-impact accident.

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