Singer Sidhu Muswala gets 20-inch alloy wheels for his Toyota Fortuner

Sidhu Muswala is currently one of the most popular Punjabi singers in the country. We all know that people of Punjab like to change their vehicles especially wheels. We’ve seen a number of videos and photos of Punjab SUVs and sedans that have been replaced with huge aftermarket wheels. Sidhu Muswala is no different. He recently visited the popular Velocity tires in Punjab to get a new alloy wheel set for his Toyota Fortuner. Watch the video to know which wheel he has chosen for his SUV.

The video was uploaded by Kindness Vlog on its YouTube channel. In this video Vlogger talks to a representative of Velocity Tires about the size of the tires and it also shows the different wheels available in the store. There were several cars parked outside the store. They came to the store to change the alloy. An SUV in the parking area was a pre-facelift version of the Toyota Fortune. The SUV arrived at the dealership for an alloy update. SUVT Punjabi singer Sidhu Muswala.

His Fortuner already had a set of aftermarket wheels but, it looks like he is planning to change the look. The video shows Sidhu Muswala inside a tire shop. He went through the different wheels available in the store and then finalized the two of them. He chose an all-black alloy wheel from Black Rhino and a dual tone unit from another brand. The Black Rhino units gave the SUVT a butch or sick look but, the singer decided to go with the dual tone option.

Punjab singer Sidhu Muswala installs 20-inch aftermarket alloy wheels on his Toyota Fortuner

The alloy and wheels seen in the video here are 20 inch units. The tires of this Fortuner were also replaced as part of the upgrade. It now gets all-terrain tires from Yokohama In the video, Vlogger also features a Mahindra Scorpio with a 20-inch silver alloy wheel. It is a multi-spoke unit and has a new design according to Velocity tires. In the video, Sidhu Muswala is seen going through all the tires and alloy wheels, for Fortuner, before finalizing the wheels and tires.

The large alloy wheels installed on the Fortuner in this video certainly help to improve the look of the car but there are also some downsides. Large and wide tires and wheels are installed and affect SUV handling. It also affects fuel efficiency and braking efficiency. Another thing that is affected by the large alloy wheels is the quality or comfort of the ride. In this case, Sidhu did not choose low profile tires. Low profile tires completely ruin the driving experience. Low-profile tires may look great on some cars, but they are not always the best if you want a ride comfort. The Toyota Fortuner seen here in the video is a pre-facelift model with a new Legender such as an LED tail lamp. The SUV is available with both petrol and diesel engine options. The diesel version gets the 4 × 4 option and is available with both petrol and diesel manual and automatic transmission options.

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