There is a very good reason for not having a session for tourist drive in Nবারrburging (Touristenfahrten) Tonight. You can blame BMW because it hired Green Hale to test prototypes and shoot marketing footage. Exciting new models such as the M4 CSL and M3 Turing track hits, but there were other delicious M&Ms including the XM.

Nurburging “Resident” Misha Charudin had to stop near Nordscliffe while BMW was doing its job. He reports in the German magazine Sport Auto that there is nothing to do with both cars in a hot lap of the challenging circuit. M4 CSL has been reported to have done this anywhere between 7:15 and 7:20 when the M3 Touring was clocked in at 7:30.

As if these still-to-be sure lap times weren’t impressive enough, cars weren’t pushed to their limits. Due to the prototype, subsequent production versions may be faster. Even if the long-tailed M3 did it between 7:30, it’s already enough to claim the fastest wagon title. As it stands, the record belongs to the Mercedes-AMG E63 S, established in September 2017 at 7: 45.19.

Is M3 Turing as fast as M5 CS?

In the case of these reports, for example, take the information provided with the salt proverb. Based on the competition xDrive, we can safely assume that M3 Turing will be one of the fastest estates. At 7:30 Laptop time, Sport Auto’s Christian Gebard drove the M5 CS and lapped the ring at about the same time (7: 29.57).

BMW has been teasing the spicy wagon for a while now, so the world premiere is approaching. But first, the M4 CSL will be released in May, before the M2 and XM appear in 2022. The argument tells us that M3 Turing will be short-lived because it will be based on M3 LCI. Hopefully, the demand for next generation models will be big enough.

Source: Misha Charudin / Instagram