Rolls-Royce Cullinan gets stacked quad exhaust and 24-inch wheels

There may be some parallel universes and we are fairly sure that the Rolls-Royce Cullinan is an extraordinary SUV in all of them. If for some reason you think Goodwood’s Luxoburg isn’t rich enough, let us introduce Kevani Hayula. If the title does not ring a bell, the first word represents the name of the tuner while the other is the car’s monkey.

Seen perfectly mounted on 24-inch wheels, the Biffy Ultra-Luxury SUV expands the arches (Barely) Those giants fit black alloys. Almost everything about this Cullinan is large, including its bulging hood and front bumper and front fascia. A look at the car’s profile reveals chunky side skirts, custom mirror caps and fake fender air intakes.

Rolls Royce Culinan Kivani Hayula 15 830x623

The back is further polarized because Keyvany Hayula’s quadrangular, stacked exhaust tips are next to a ridiculously large diffuser. An extended roof-mounted spoiler further indicates that this is not your run-of-the-mill Cullinan (As if there is something like that anyway). The orange accent gives an opposite effect here and there, unlike the SUV’s Rolls-Royce that wasn’t already attracting attention. Exposed carbon-fiber add-ons are central themes.

Cullinan gets more power by matching his brutal look

To match the adjacent muscular appearance, the V12 has been massaged to unlock 730 horsepower and a mountain-moving 1,120 Nm. The 826 lb-ft reached just 1,750 rpm and was unlocked after being fed with a twin-turbo 6.75-liter engine. The engine powered by Cullinan Mastodont is equipped with a stainless steel exhaust with a flap to change the sound.

The Rolls-Royce interiors are the most customizable in the business, but that hasn’t stopped Kiwani from giving Hayula a new look. It makes generous use of carbon fiber and adds aluminum pedals for a sport. In addition, matching eye-catching exterior accents with a brake caliper, the Cullinan features star-like sky and orange leather upholstery.

Overall, this wild creation is as diverse as we are accustomed to seeing from Mansouri. This shows that there is a market for glyzy SUVs that are already carrying a lot of bling in OEM disguise.

Source: Keyvany / YouTube

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