Our video review of the BMW i7 and 7 Series V8 light-hybrid

We’ve just returned from Germany where we had the unique opportunity to get behind the wheel of two prototypes: the new V8-powered BMW 7 Series and the i7. But despite sharing similar designs, the two prototypes cannot be separated. The G70 BMW 7 Series (probably the BMW 760i xDrive) uses the usual gasoline powertrain, but with a brand new engine. BMW will not confirm the name of the new powerplant, but we believe it will be the S68 V8 TwinTurbo unit that will come in several BMW models. It also has 48-volt light-hybrid technology.

The first electric 7 series

The BMW i7 is a brand new product in all respects. Not only is this the first 7 Series electric limousine from the brand, the i7 family will also give us the most powerful 7 Series we have ever made. While some of its internal components have been shared with the BMW iX crossover, there are plenty of innovations. For starters, it comes with Level 2+ autonomous driving features, but the car is also technically equipped for Level 3.

bmw i7 test drive 09 830x553

The new BMW 7 Series, and definitely the i7, comes with a wide range of sensors and radar. A camera for embedding objects is embedded in the top of the windshield, along with a front view camera mounted on the bumper. There are two side mirror cameras and a rear-view. Two near-range radars with a long-range radar sit in front of the vehicle. Another couple has been placed behind the short-range Radar 7 series. In addition, the BMW includes 12 ultrasonic sensors, split front and rear of the car.

Then, this particular BMW i7 prototype produces between 500 and 550 horsepower, and at first glance, it seems to reach 100 km / h (62 mph) in less than 4 seconds. We expect the same power range as the BMW iX.

Minimalistic cabin

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Naturally, some of you may be thinking about the interior design of BMW i7. But the cabin was well camouflaged and not built with production-ready materials. Still, there are a few things to report. Just as we mentioned in previous articles, the BMW 7 Series, and obviously the i7, will get two large and connected curved displays from the iX. The new 7 Series also seems to drop body buttons to adjust the cabin temperature. The center console mimics one of the iX’s with a minimal iDrive controller and gear shifter. There was also the option to close the door at the touch of a button, with a new steering design featuring a flat bottom.

If you would like to read our reviews, you can find them here: i7 Test Drive and V8 7 Series. Still, as always, we put together a few video reviews. Take a look below and Please don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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