Nissan Magnet Ownership Review After 4,000 Kilometers

Nissan has launched the Magnite compact SUV in the market in 2020 The SUV has actually become a game changer for Nissan and popular among buyers in India. Nissan Magnet has become popular among buyers for its bold look and attractive price tag. At launch, it was the most affordable compact SUV in the Indian market and the top-end variant was priced below Rs 10 lakh. We’ve seen multiple proprietary review videos online, and here we have a video where a Nissan Magnet owner shared his experience with the SUV and talked about the customization he did.

The video was uploaded by Auto Journal India on their YouTube channel. The video begins with Vlogger talking to the owner about the Nissan Magnet. The owner mentioned that when he initially planned to buy a car, his father advised him on Nissan Magnet. He saw the car and the owner liked the magnet. He even had other hatchbacks in mind when planning to buy a car. After he personally saw the Nissan Magnet, he really liked the overall design and he was also fascinated by the fact that the Magnet was a compact SUV while the others were simply hatchbacks.

The owner chose the base variant because he wanted to personalize the car to his liking. He mentioned that even dealership staff advised him to go for the base variant and fix the car with aftermarket accessories. The owner was able to repair the car using aftermarket accessories at a cost of less than one lakh. Then he started talking about customization in the car.

Nissan Magnet Base-to-Top End Change Explained by Owner [Video]

He has installed an aftermarket LED DRL under the bonnet. These are sequential lights like Audi that also act as turn indicators. The headlights were upgraded due to insufficient casting in stock units The car gets chrome garnish installed from the showroom. A set of gloss back garnish was installed for headlamps, ORVM, tail lamps and door handles. On the back, a Chrome applique was installed on the boot. Apart from this, the car is in stock and it gets stock steel rim with dual tone wheel cap.

Running, Nissan does not offer any features with the base variant. The owner mentioned that the car cost him around Rs 6.5 lakh in Dehradun, Uttarakhand The owner has installed many things inside the cabin to look like a high trim. The first thing that comes to mind in a car is a touchscreen infotainment screen. The screen also shows feeds from reverse parking cameras and supports video. Nissan Magnet’s original steering mounted controls were installed and the buttons were attached to the screen.

The owner has installed seat covers from the dealership and installed 7D floor mats. Ambient lights have also been installed inside the vehicle. The owner noted that the car was returning about 20 kmpl on the highway and within the city, it was offering him about 14-15 kmpl. He was happy with the place Magnet was offering. His only complaint is about power. He mentions that he has driven about 4,000 kilometers and when he compares it with other cars in his garage, the Nissan Magnet sometimes feels disabled, especially on the highway.

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