Next-Gen throws the exhaust pipe into the BMW X1 ‘ring

BMW is set to unveil the next generation of its smallest crossover, the X1. It will be the third generation X1 but only the second front-wheel drive-based generation X1. Most enthusiasts won’t think about this new X1 but it’s actually going to be a big car for BMW and we’re excited to see what it turns out to be. To go with its many changes, BMW will also give it a completely new design and it is going to do something, or take something that BMW has not really done in any internal combustion vehicle. The new BMW X1, as seen in this new photo, lacks exhaust pipes. (We do not own the spy photos but they can be viewed here)

For the most part, the new BMW X1 looks really good so far. Even with the camera, it’s easy to see that its new design will be more sporty and more aggressive than the previous generation. However, BMW’s decision to release it from the visible exhaust pipe is disappointing. It’s a small thing, and a trivial thing, but it’s something that BMW enthusiasts have always been proud of, that BMW still had a visible exit when its competitors dropped them. There are some things that seem fake about hiding them and fans will be disappointed to see them gone.

bmw x1 m35i quad pipe 01 830x830
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We can understand why they left, to be honest. The BMW X1 will also create an all-electric variant – the BMW iX1. It will obviously lack any drainage pipes as an electric vehicle. So to keep things the same and give the X1 an idea of ​​progress, not just the iX1, all models are eliminated. It is probably cheaper not to design bumpers with exhaust cut-outs.

That said, the rest of the car looks really good so far and could be one of BMW’s best looking SUVs when it launches. Its kidney grills are large but not extravagant, compared to other modern beavers, its headlights look sharp, its profile and silhouette are sporty, and its roof line is aggressively racked backwards. I dug it.

When the new BMW X1 debuts, it’s not going to be the most popular enthusiastic model. However, it is going to be popular with many customers who want a BMW but need something practical for their family. As a semi-sporty family holer, it will also offer an electric powertrain, going to be the BMW X1 Excel.

[Source: Motor1]

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