More than 700 AI-enabled cameras will be installed on national and state roads

In the state of Kerala, 726 traffic cameras will be installed which are powered by AI. Cameras will be installed at various places and control of these cameras will be handed over to the Department of Motor Vehicles. There are plans to launch the new camera in April.

More than 700 AI-enabled cameras will be deployed on the roads of Kerala to catch traffic criminals

The cameras will be able to detect the violation at night as well as during the day. Cameras can also detect whether drivers and passengers are wearing helmets and seatbelts. It can also identify how many people are sitting on a motorcycle. So, if there are more than two people on a motorcycle, the invoice will be issued.

Camera range is 800 meters which is much higher. It will capture through the windshield of the car so that passengers will also be visible. The camera will also have pictures of the number plate. The number plate will help to track down the vehicle and issue invoices. Also, since the cameras are AI-enabled, they will be able to detect if you are wearing anything other than a helmet.

More than 700 AI-enabled cameras will be deployed on the roads of Kerala to catch traffic criminals

Keltron, an initiative of Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Limited, will install the camera. The Department of Motor Vehicles has already sent a list of places where they want to install cameras. Cities like Kannur will have 50-60 cameras, Kasargod will have 44 cameras, Wanad and Idukki will have about 30-45 cameras. There will be 60 cameras in Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam and Kozhikode.

Cameras will be installed on national roads, state roads and even district roads. The main control server will be located at Thiruvananthapuram. Keltron has been tasked with maintaining the camera.

Due to the development of Highway 66, cameras will not be installed there. MVD has decided to remove the cameras from Kasargod and Kannur as construction work is underway in the area.

The price of the camera was 50 rupees. 235 crores. In addition, 18 cameras will be installed at traffic signals and busy intersections. There will also be four automatic camera systems. They will automatically capture images of violators and send them to the control room. Until now, an operator was needed to operate the camera. Moreover, this type of camera works on solar energy.

Accident in Kerala

The number of accidents and traffic violations has increased in Kerala in the last few months. As of June last year, there were 2,269 accidents. Of these, 69 occurred in urban areas and 1,500 in rural areas. 201 people have died in these accidents. The total number of accidents was 26,000!

Kerala Police will conduct special operations to spread awareness and reduce traffic violations. The number of traffic accidents decreased during the coronavirus epidemic. However, now that the states have reopened, the number of accidents has also increased.


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