David Brown Automotive is known for the ultra-posh version of the original MINI, and the remastered Marshall version is no exception. The two have teamed up to create a fancy special edition to mark the 60th anniversary of the audio equipment company. Only 60 cars will be built in both left and right-drive configurations. These will be less practical than the donor car after installing the amplifier in the trunk.

Sitting in a leather-lined cargo area, the Bespoke Ampty is only part of the RestMode because the tiny hatchback boasts other changes. The Marshall version will wear an exclusive Marshall Black paint in contrast to the Marshall Gold accent. The striking shade is evident on the mesh front grille, designed to mimic the front of Marshall’s audio equipment.

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The MINI Remastered Marshall Edition also features tailor-made badges with dark chrome surfaces and gold enameling. The two-tone theme continues with 12-inch black wheels featuring gold brake calipers. However, the real magic lies in the interior where the cabin has been renovated.

David Brown has given the Automotive Marshall Edition an upgraded sound system with dashboard-mounted Twitter. There are also additional door speakers, as we mentioned earlier that the Amp comes with its own power source. Customers also get a portable Bluetooth speaker to round off the package.

Price details have not yet been released, but the MINI pampered by DBA usually goes for six figures. The stylish hatch we know of is powered by a 1.33-liter A-Series engine paired with a five-speed manual gearbox. Like its predecessors, the remastered martial version is crafted. It is not surprising to see the potential price of the car.

David Brown will set aside a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Marshall Edition for the benefit of the Automotive and Marshall Music Venue Trust. It is a charity that helps independent artists in the UK.

Source: David Brown Automotive