Popular on the streets and successful on the track, the original MINI was an inspiration to the team behind Racing MIMI. It originally debuted as a purpose-built electric machine at the 2020 Roman Coastal Speed ​​Championships in Romania. Last year, it tackled an extended motorsport season and now it is changing its name for 2022. To make it more competitive it will be known as MIMI EVO to indicate that it follows the original build.

In the last three months, several changes have been made to reduce the weight of zero-emission race cars. Brambo brakes, for example, are taken from the Mini John Cooper Works while the handbrake is now hydraulic. Engineers have tightened the body and suspension to make the MIMI EVO sharper around the corners.

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Mandatory, anti-lock brakes and dynamic stability controls have been disabled for Road-Legal Cooper SE. These major changes come after about 20 races in the last 18 months in which the circuit was tested for two weeks. Some electronic modules had to be rebuilt and now have a new system for monitoring battery packs and drivetrains.

New year, new name, new look for MIMI EVO

The MIMI EVO has been thoroughly inspected and repaired to ensure it will work for the 2022 season. The development of a race car never ends, so the next update is planned to be implemented in the coming months. For this season, the revised track-only MINI Cooper SE will compete in about 20 races in four different Romanian championships: the Women’s Rally, the Super Rally, the National Super Slalom and the National Coastal Speed.

At the aforementioned National Coastal Speed ​​Championships, MIMI EVO will wear the number # 128 in agreement with 1968. What happened that year? Nicki Lauda debuted in his motorsport behind the wheels of a MINI Cooper S. He finished second in his opening race before winning the next three. In addition to switching to a different number, the 2022-spec racer is followed by a new blue lever with a reverse yellow accent.

Source: Mini