Mahindra Thar and 2021 Force Gurkha 7 in an off-road video

Mahindra Thar and Force Gurkha are some of the most affordable 4 × 4 SUVs currently available in the Indian market. Most of the other options are more expensive than these two. We have seen several videos of Mahindra Thar in different terrains and this also applies to 2021 Force Gurkha. Both SUVs are without a doubt off-road capable and have been proven in various videos available online. Here we have a video where a Force Gurkha owner compares it to Mahindra Thar in an off-road video.

The video was uploaded by DCV Expeditions to their YouTube channel. In this video, Vlogger is taking his new force Gurkha to the mountains. In this video, Vlogger with his friends who own the current generation Mahindra Thar SUV, explores parts of the broken mountain road. In this video, Mahindra Thar compares the two cars in the Vlogger off-road section. Vlogger and his friends started driving on a hilly road and they came across a section where the entrance to the road was narrow and there was a mound of mud at one end.

Vlogger has gone through this section in his thar in the past and the SUV has done it without any problems. He wanted to know how Gurkha would behave in the same situation. Force Gurkha has smaller wheels and is less pronounced than Thar. Wheels were up in the air when Vlogger was trying to clear the section The wheels rotated freely because the def locks were not engaged. Vlogger realized that the car was fighting, he had a separate lock and Gurkha had climbed to the top without any problem.

Mahindra Thar vs 2021 Force Gurkha is compared in an off-road video

By the same token, not one, but three Mahindra Thar SUVs got up and not a single wheel went up in the air. The pronunciation was good and the wheels were always attached to the road. Vlogger was aware of this fact and was heard saying in the video that Mahindra Thar is good in such a situation. Mahindra Thar’s automatic def lock also helps in such complex situations. After clearing the barrier, the group headed for the broken mountain road. The Force Gurkha has a stiff suspension set up and it helps SUVs on broken roads. Vlogger noted that due to the strong setup, SUVs can be easily driven on such roads.

Since it is a longer ride than the Thar, quite a bit of body roll is felt when the car climbs up the rough part. In short, Vlogger says that both Mahindra Thar and Force Gurkha have their own advantages and disadvantages. Mahindra Thar is available in both petrol and diesel engine options. Both petrol and diesel engine options are available with manual and automatic transmissions. The Force Gurkha was launched in the market last year and is offered with only one diesel engine. It is a BS6 compliant 2.6 liter diesel engine that is only available with a manual gearbox.

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