Lamborghini has sold 400 units in India since its inception

Italian luxury sports car maker Automobile Lamborghini SPA has recently announced the achievement of a huge milestone. The Sant’Agata-based carmaker has announced that it has successfully sold more than 400 units of its incredible automobile in India since its inception in 2007.

Lamborghini has sold 400 units in India since its inception

The company added that they have delivered about 100 cars in the last six months and their sales in FY2021 increased by 86 percent. To celebrate the brand’s growth in the country, the company has organized a third ‘Lamborghini Day’ experience for its existing and potential customers in Goa.

Announcing this historic achievement, Lamborghini India Head Sharad Agarwal said, “We are delighted to announce the arrival of 400 Lamborghini in India and to mark this milestone with our customers who have supported us in this Lamborghini Day experience.” Journey We will continue to offer unique platforms so that our existing and potential customers can experience the values ​​that define the Lamborghini brand in India. ”

Lamborghini India has recognized the super SUV Urus for achieving this huge milestone. The company delivered its 100th unit Urus in March last year and since then the number has undoubtedly increased a lot. The brand has also launched two of Ururs limited edition – Pearl Capsule Edition and Graphite Capsule Edition in India. The first unit of the graphite capsule version was bought by famous South Indian actor NT Rama Rao Jr.

In terms of global sales, the automobile Lamborghini delivered 5,021 Urus Super SUVs, followed by the V10-powered Huracan, which in 2021 saw a huge increase in sales of 2,586 cars thanks to the Huracan STO. In addition, there were 798 Aventadors (V12 type). Worldwide last year.

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann said in a recent media interview, “I think there is a huge potential for growth in India, as there is a huge resource around the Indian market and we will see how it develops.” We’ve had the highest percentage growth in the last year, so there are opportunities for the future. ” He added, “What we are seeing in the Indian market is that more and more ultra high net worth people are entering our market. We already have second generation very high net worth people and their average age is less than that.” Another country, “

Ragging Bull started its operations with a single dealer in the Indian subcontinent in 2007 and 15 years later the brand has expanded to two more locations. Currently, Lamborghini has three dealerships in India – Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai.

Lamborghini will unveil two breakthroughs for Huracan and Urus in the next few months and it will mark the end of the age of internal combustion engines and usher in an era of hybridization. The brand will launch hybridization with the arrival of the car which will replace the Aventador in 2023.

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