Is the BMW M Sport steering wheel one of the worst modern designs?

BMW’s steering wheels have been criticized for being too thick over the years. These allegations are not without merit, as most BMW wheels are actually too rough, allowing some owners to change their steering wheels to remove some of their gears. And with M Sport steering wheels it gets even worse, because BMW thinks that thicker wheels are the equivalent of a sporty feel. But is the M Sport steering wheel really one of the latest designs? Top Gear says so on their latest list.

The BMW M Sport steering wheel is the first to be mentioned in this list of the worst steering wheel designs of the 21st century. It actually started with the F30-gen 3 series, whose M Sport steering wheel was not only extra thick but also a bit squishy. That thick, squishiness made it feel soft, lacking the general sharpness of a 3 Series. According to Top Gear, BMW says its buyers like this kind of thing because it makes the car more sporty.

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No question, the BMW steering wheel is too thick. A modern BMW driver will make almost every car enthusiast complain, even if it is usually a very small complaint, that the steering wheel is too thick. If you don’t have big collar hands, the M Sport’s steering wheels can feel unwanted. However, I would argue that this is not the worst modern BMW steering wheel. That title fell on the wheels of the BMW iX.

The BMW iX is a gorgeous car with a nice interior and the steering wheel actually looks pretty good. But using it is frustrating. For starters, it’s too thick, which is annoying. But it is also an arranged hexagon, which means it has angles and is not very comfortable to use.

I’m too cheap / poor to afford a new BMW, so it’s not a big deal to me, but since I drove an old BMW with fine, thin-rimmed wheels, I noticed how thick the new wheels got. Thinner wheels are easier to use, provide a bit more responsiveness than front tires and feel more comfortable in the hand. So the jury came out, BMW – Slim your steering wheels. Oh, and keep them round.

[Source: Top Gear]

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