Indore police have issued invoices to BMW for color change; The car has been seized

Indore police have issued an invoice to a BMW owner for twisting his car. The car owner claimed that he had spent around Rs 50,000 to divert the car from Delhi. However, the police issued an invoice if the vehicle registration details did not match the body color.

Indore police issue BMW owner invoice for color change: car confiscated

According to reports, Indore police stopped the vehicle several times for other violations. DCP (Traffic) Mahesh Chand Jain said Traffic Subedar Amit Kumar Yadav stopped the Haryana-registered BMW vehicle. As there was no registration plate in the car, Bangali was going towards the premises.

After the police stopped the car and checked the details of the registration, they realized that the car was not in real shadow. The driver of the car said, the car is huge. Police then checked online to find out more details about the vehicle. They have seen the video of the car turning in Delhi. Bishal bought the car from Delhi a few months ago.

Without giving a satisfactory answer, the traffic police confiscated the car for driving on the road without registration plate and changing its color. Police will take further action against the owner of the vehicle.

The same car was stopped by DCP a few months ago for using window tint. Again, another traffic subedar caught the same car a few weeks ago for driving under the influence of alcohol without a registration plate.

Can you use a wrap in your car?

It is located in a gray area. Indian authorities have banned car color change. If anyone changes color, it must be approved in the registration certificate. However, the packaging does not change the color of the car permanently. That is why the wrappers fall in a gray area.

The Indian authorities have taken the change of vehicles very seriously in recent times. Although there is no law in the book to talk about wrapping, there is talk of changing the original color of the car. Changing the original or stock color of the car is illegal in India. However, police in most states and territories do not stop cars with different colored packaging. If you have any experience, please share the same with us.

To be safe, it is best to stick to the stock color when choosing a wrap for the car. Or if you wish, you can ask the local authority, such as the RTO, about the rules and get them in writing. Wraps are definitely a way to unlock true creative potential, if they are legal.

Changing the color of the stock annoyed the police. If the car is stolen and the police issue a warning for it, it is difficult for them to detect that the car looks different from the stock color.

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