India’s first Mahindra Thar with Panoramic Sunroof: It’s IT! [Video]

Sunroof has become a big new feature in India. Everyone wants to buy a car with a sunroof, people are especially choosing a higher variant so that they can get a sunroof. Some people have recovered sunroofs in their vehicles. Now, a modification shop has installed a sunroof on a Mahindra Thar

The video was uploaded to YouTube by All in One Entertainment. The video shows us a thar that has changed drastically. The main highlight is the sunroof which the host says is a panoramic. A button is placed between the AC vents in the center. There is also a sunblind for the sunroof.

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The front grille has been completely replaced. It has multiple vertical slats, side vents and a bonnet scoop. The bumper is also different. The host says it’s an offroad spec with a winch, tow hook and LED fog lamp. Headlamps for LED units have also been changed. Bumper without winch costs 50 rupees. 25,000 and the bumper with winch is priced at Rs. 21,000 and the winch costs Rs. The 35,000 grille, bonnet, door handle and exterior rearview mirror have incorrect carbon fiber inserts. The price of a regular bonnet is Rs. 40,000 and if you want a carbon fiber finish, increase the price to Rs. 60,000

India's first Mahindra Thar with Panoramic Sunroof: It's IT! [Video]

The host shows us the tailgate. In Thare, the tailgate opens first to the side and then to the top of the rear window. The transformation store combines them both so you only need to open the tailgate next to it. A protective coating has been installed on the alloy wheel to prevent theft. However, it can be opened via an Allen key. The SUV runs on 18-inch alloy wheels wrapped in Maxxis MT tires. Thare has side steps that make it easy to enter and exit. They cost Rs. There is also a tow hook on the back of 20,000 which costs Rs. 12,500 and it can pull 4 to 5 tons.

Internal changes have also been made. We can see that the AC vents have been replaced. The new ones look like they are Mercedes-Benz. There is ambient lighting installed, door pads and wood inserts on the central console, perforated leather dashboard and steering and perforated leather seats. Moreover, an after-market touchscreen infotainment system has been installed which runs on Android. Roof speakers are usually repositioned and are now mounted on C-pillars.

Interestingly, the rear occupants also get their own screen which is mounted on the back of the front seat headrest. Tray tables have also been set up for the back occupants. A chiller box has also been installed which will keep things cool. Is placed on a subwoofer boot. The rear occupants also get their own distinctive armrests.

If the owner gives his own Thar then the change will cost 50 rupees. 12 lakhs. The price we see in the video is Rs. 31 lakh which is double the top-end variant of Stock Thor. The change shop can also arrange money for the buyer.

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