How the booming used car market is affecting car buying

At the moment, used car market flat out bonkers. There are several reasons for this, but the lack of new cars is a big factor. To discuss the crazy used car market, I thought I’d talk to a friend of ours who is rather experienced in the used sports car market, Scott Villaneuve of the Limited Slip Blog.

We have known Scott for several years and at that time he owned several BMWs, mostly M3. But his garage is not just Bavarian, he has a few more interesting machines out there, some of which he recently bought.

One of the cars we talked to him about was his E92 BMW M3, one of his favorite cars. He bought it from his Enthusiast Auto Group (EAG), the best-selling BMW dealer in North America. Like all EAG cars, the Scott M3 is almost perfect and he actually got it at a reasonable price, which is shocking. Her car has a few Dinan modes and an M performance exhaust, which makes it even more fun. Interestingly, his car also wears a frozen paint color and we discuss the myths of maintenance that come with it.

bmw m3 e92 Lime Rock Edition Fire Orange 03 830x553

Interestingly, Scott recently bought a car from Doug Dimuro’s auction site Cars & Beads. Although cars and bids have not reached the unreasonableness of a bring-in-trailer, in terms of price out of control, auction sites are looking at the prices of some wild used sports cars. Scott bought a first-gen Audi R8 V10 from Car and Beads, his second first-gen R8, and he got it fairly cheap, all things considered. However, it did come with a heinous packaging which he immediately removed.

More than his own car, though, we discuss the market, why it is like this, where it is going and what kind of car is worth buying in this market. As always, podcasts will be available wherever you find your podcast; Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel to get Apple, Google, Spotify, and Stitcher, as well as YouTube, and all the latest BMW-related videos! Look at this!

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