How police responded to a heavily modified Ford Endeavor

Summer has started in most parts of the country and the snow in the north has started to melt slowly. Tourists from different parts of the country are now flocking to the mountains to see the last snowfall of the year. Many YouTubers are also involved, and a number of similar videos are available online. Here we have a video of a Toyota Fortuner 4 × 2, a Mahindra Thar and a heavily modified Ford Endeavor going on a road trip in search of mountains and snow. See how the police react to the modified Ford Endeavor in the mountains

The video was uploaded by Ashwin Singh Takiya on their YouTube channel. In this video, Vlogger and his friends are on a road trip in the mountains. The video talks about the challenges and how each SUV behaves on mountain roads Vlogger and his friends were traveling in three SUVs. They had a heavily modified Ford Endeavor, a Mahindra Thar and a Toyota Fortuner 4 × 2 SUV. When the video started, Vlogger was already in the mountains but, there was no snow.

The team then started to search for snow and on their way the team came to a police checkpost. Surprisingly, the police on duty changed drastically but did not stop Mahindra Thar. The change in the Ford Endeavor was far more frightening than the Thar. Police stopped and told the driver to remove the auxiliary lamps as they created problems for other road users. Police told them to remove the films stuck in the windshield. The windshield films were then removed and the auxiliary lamps were covered with cloth.

Thus the police reacted to a heavily modified Ford Endeavor and Mahindra Thar in the mountains. [Video]

The other SUVs in the group were waiting for Thor in front. Police did not impose a fine on the SUV, but warned the driver that they would not use the lights on the road. After Ther Driver arrived and explained the situation to Vlogger, he removed the windshield films from his Endeavor and covered the auxiliary lights. The party then moved forward and So then began to see snow on the side of the road. SUVs performed well on SUVs, but soon they were driving on slash snow roads. The Mahindra Thar was performing well and so was the Ford Endeavor. Both SUVs were modified for off-roading and this is helping them in this situation. Toyota Fortuner, however, was not doing well. The 2WD SUV was losing traction in places. The SUV started showing a notification in the instrument cluster even after it was driven on snow.

The video shows why it is important to drive a 4WD SUV in such terrain The chances of a 2WD SUV losing control over the ice are higher than the 4WD ৷ A 4WD SUV will send power to all wheels which will help it move forward without losing traction. Tires also play an important role in such situations. Looks like Fortune’s Highway Terrain was using tires. All-terrain tires are a basic requirement when driving in such situations.

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