How Ola S1 Pro, Ather 450X and Bajaj Chetak performed hill climbing test

The popularity of electric two wheelers has increased in India. Different manufacturers are entering the EV space with different types of products. Currently the most talked about electric scooter in the city is the Ola S1 Pro. There are several videos online of people sharing the experience of owning an electric scooter, but here we have a very unique video where Vlogger Bajaj Chetak Electric, Ather 450X and Ola S1 Pro conduct mountain climbing experiments on electric scooters. Let’s find out how the scooters performed.

The video was uploaded by Asardar Review on their YouTube channel. In this video, Vlogger mentions that he is testing which scooter is best for people living in mountainous areas or in areas with steep climbs. In this video, he also finds out which of these scooters performs best in such situations. He started with Bajaj Chetak electric scooter. Bajaj launched the Chetak scooter in 2020 but, it is still a rare sight on our roads. Vlogger is driving Chetak with a pillion. He slots the scooter into eco mode and starts riding.

The scooter was performing well and soon he started riding the scooter. There were a few hairpin turns that were quite complicated because the scooter could not get up, if it lost speed, especially if 2 people were sitting on it. Vlogger was able to take a turn without any problems and he was amazed at Chetak’s performance. He then noticed a smart thing about scooters. The rider had put the scooter in eco mode when starting the journey, but the scooter was automatically switched to sport mode when it realized that the scooter might need more power to get to the top. Without any problems, Vlogger reaches the top.

He then boarded the Ather 450X. Like Chetak, he has his friend sitting in it as a pillion. Athar, too, he started in eco mode. The scooter was performing well until the first turn. The scooter lost its power during the first turn and was no longer moving. Vlogger immediately put the scooter in warp mode and the scooter began to climb the mountain road. It hit the road without any problem like Bajaj Chetak.

Ola S1 Pro, Ather and Bajaj Chetak electric scooters test a mountain climb [Video]

Then it’s Ola S1 Pro’s turn. Like the other two scooters, Vlogger has started running scooters in eco mode He climbed into the back seat with his friend. The scooter performed better than the other two models until it came across the first hairpin turn. Ola starts to slow down the scooter and it stops completely. Vlogger tried to twist the throttle but did not have enough strength to get on the scooter. He even tried to tell his friend to get off but the result was the same.

He then went into sport mode and started hitting the road again. While riding the scooter for some distance, Ola notified the scooter that the electric motor was overheating and the scooter was automatically going into eco mode. Vulgar could not finish the ride because the scooter responded in eco mode. Before Vlogger reached the top, Ola pushed the scooter and said she was surprised by the performance of the other two scooters and disappointed with the performance of the Ola S1 Pro. He even said he would not recommend an S1 Pro scooter to anyone living in the area.

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