Here’s what the top gear likes / dislikes about the G80 BMW M3

This current generation BMW M3 is the most controversial of them all. Not only is it polarized in appearance, it is the first to come with all-wheel drive. As a driver car, it is mostly outstanding and it can be among the best M3. Although, like all cars, it is not perfect. That’s why Top Gear decided to list three good things and three great things about the new G80 M3.

Top gear’s Rowan Horncastle has been competing with the G80 BMW M3 for the past few months as its long-term test vehicle, giving him a great idea about this new, controversial M3. In this video, he lists his likes and dislikes about the M3 after spending months behind the wheel.

Ironically, for starters, Horncastle prefers seats. The new carbon fiber bucket seats have been widely criticized by some and preferred by others. Horncastle falls into the next camp, claiming to be one of the best seats on the market. I personally agree but I know many enthusiasts who would not agree with the emotion.

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The first complaint is an obvious one – the grill. BMW’s new Kidney Grill has become the most divisive design cue in the brand’s history. However, he found it a bit easier on the grill, claiming that it looks the best of all the other big BMW grills, including the XM Concept and iX.

I will not spoil all these likes and dislikes, because you should go to see the video. However, Top Gear had to send the BMW M3 Competition back to BMW because its long-term loan has gone to its course, but it has found a worthy replacement in an M3 Competition Xdrive. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the editors of Horncastle and Top Gear feel about the XDrive model, versus the rear-drive model, several months later.

[Source: Top Gear]

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