EV Restomod is up to 250 HP

BMW did not signal its intention to bring back an old icon for the coming electric age. Okay, the Neue Klasse is coming back for the EV, but it won’t be a car For yourself. Instead, it is the name used by a newly developed platform that arrived in 2025 for the zero-emissions car family. Meanwhile, the German-based Bavarian Econs Tech Gmbh is reviving the Classic 2002. Meet 2002te.

This is a restomod, but not with modern combustion engines. Instead, the oily bits are completely removed to fit an all-electric powertrain. Following a video released last month with Nürburgring 2002te lapping, we were able to hold the brochure.

bmw 2002te 00 830x554

As a result, we now have all the details about BMW 2002 that turned into an EV. It retains the rear-wheel-drive layout, but has an electric motor attached to the rear. It produces 161 horsepower (120 kW), which does not sound very impressive. The same can be said about torque because the e-motor produces only 170 Newton-meters (231 lb-ft). However, the 2002te weighed only 1,150 kilograms (2,535 pounds).

Push it hard and it will reach 0 to 60 mph (96 km / h) in a respectable 6.2 seconds before reaching the top at a speed of 150 miles (241 km / h). With a fully charged battery, the Bavarian Econs say you will be able to cover 180 miles (290 kilometers). As with EVs, the range will depend on your driving style.

2002te comes in two flavors

There are two configurations available: Electro and Icon. The former is simply an EV conversion from an ICE because everything else remains intact while production is not limited. The latter will be limited to five cars for the next two years and will bump up the output to 250 hp. In addition to the extra omph, it gets a custom interior using handmade fenders and durable materials. In addition, the Bavarian Econs say that the sky is the limit for 2002te Econ personalization.

Perhaps the day will come when petrol will no longer be readily available, so these conversions will gain more traction. That said, some automakers are initially considering the option of keeping old cars on the road with synthetic fuels or hydrogen-fueled combustion engines. For now, adopting an electrical setup is the way to go.

Source: Bavarian Econs

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