Classic Legends delivers 500 Java and Yezdi motorcycles a day

On the auspicious eve of Gudi Padwa, which marks the beginning of a new year for the Marathi people, Classic Legends has distributed 500 units of its motorcycles in Maharashtra. These 500 units include its two sub-brands, Java and Yezdi, currently operating through 19 different outlets in Maharashtra.

Classic Legends delivers 500 Java and Yezdi motorcycles a day

Speaking on the occasion, Classic Legends CEO Ashish Singh Joshi said that Classic Legends was happy to add color to the festival of new owners of the company’s motorcycles under the umbrella of Java and Yezdi brands. Joshi has released a positive bounce-back shown by the Indian two-wheeler market after suffering much more than two terrible waves of Covid-19 in the last two years. Overwhelmed by the response, he confirmed that Classic Legends is now looking forward to adding more people to the Classic Legends ‘community’ this year. For those who don’t know, the classic legend loves his group of owners ‘community’ (a wordplay for ‘community’).

Classic Legends delivers 500 Java and Yezdi motorcycles a day

Classic legend in India

Classic Legends has made its debut in India by bringing back the ‘Java’ brand of the past with two new offers, Java and Forty Two. Within a year of these two motorcycle launches, Classic Legends added a third motorcycle to the Java lineup, in the form of a single-seater Bobber named ‘Perak’.

In 2022, the classic legend has confirmed its presence in India by bringing back another iconic brand of the past era ‘Yezdi’. Under the new ‘Yezdi’ sub-brand, Classic Legends has introduced three different motorcycles – the Roadstar, the Scrambler and the Adventure, all with the same engine, but in different modes, while having their own features. Currently with a network of 300+ dealer outlets, Classic Legends is simultaneously working to expand its network across India.

Classic legend is working on BSA brand for India

Classic Legends delivers 500 Java and Yezdi motorcycles a day
BSA Goldstar

In addition to Java and Yezdi, Classic Legends has a third sub-brand that has not yet arrived in India – BSA. The iconic British motorcycle brand was revived by Classic Legends, with its first motorcycle ‘Goldstar’. The motorcycle was showcased by BSA at Motorcycle Live in December 2021 at NEC Birmingham, UK.

The BSA Goldstar is a single-cylinder 650cc retro roadster, ready to make its debut in the European market next month. In all likelihood, BSA could make its debut in the Indian market in 2022 along with Goldstar. If that happens, the BSA Goldstar will also be sold through the same dealer outlet that sells the Jawa and Yezdi models.

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