Chilling footage shows four people looting Rs 2 crore from a car in Delhi

Delhi and surrounding areas are notorious for gang-looting. But a recent video shows a robbery, which is quite different from the smooth operation of the Thak-Thak gang members. Exciting video footage shows four men at gunpoint robbing a car in Delhi’s Rohini. The robbers robbed a businessman and his relatives of Tk 1.96 crore in cash.

The footage was recorded by a CCTV camera mounted on a private property. The video shows a well-lit road and a sedan stopping behind a scooter We’re not sure why the sedan driver stopped behind the scooter. It looks like the man on the scooter had an accident to stop the car.

Within seconds, a man came from behind the car and smashed the driver’s side window with a sharp object. A few more members of the gang came to the scene. They forcibly unlocked the boot and removed three bags from it. They even threatened the passengers in the car with guns.

At the time of the incident, businessman Narendra Kumar Agarwal and his relative Karan Agarwal were leaving Chandni Chowk area. From the activities of the robbers it seems that they knew exactly where the money was kept and targeted them in an isolated area.

Car robberies are very common

This is not an isolated incident where a gang of robbers tried to rob a car. There are gangs of thugs, Axel gangs and many other notorious gangs who often commit such robberies. The operation of the thug-thak gang has also been well documented on CCTV cameras and even the police have made numerous arrests. The group tempts the driver to get out of the car by throwing money or leaking oil from the radiator. When the lone driver gets out of the car, they carry bags of valuables like laptops or cash. They also have different methods of being pedestrians and complaining that the car hit them.

The Axel gang operates on the Jamuna Expressway and they place large boulders in the middle of the highway. The car went out of control due to the rock. In most cases, the car’s axle breaks, as the gang name implies. They later looted cars and passengers and fled the scene. There are gangs who do this kind of work with truck drivers and loot the cash and other belongings they carry. In some cases, they wear police uniforms to confuse motorists. It is always good to travel with adequate lighting and to travel at night only if you know the route very well.

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