Can Alpina bridge the gap between BMW and Rolls-Royce?

Ever since BMW announced it was buying ALPINA, many have wondered where it will be under the corporate umbrella. After all, the M division is the sporting aspect of the branch, so where does the Buchlow-based company leave off? A new report from an Australian magazine No car Assumes that the newly acquired brand will slot between top-end BMWs and “entry-level” Rolls-Royce.

In other words, the tuning company, founded in 1965 before becoming an automaker in 1978, could sit at the top of the 7 Series. At the same time, it will not overlap with the Rolls-Royce Ghost. If you look at their starting prices, there is a huge gap between these products. The M760i is priced at $ 157,800, but it is about to retire without a V12 replacement for the 7 Series G70 lineup. By comparison, the RR Ghost is more than double the price and has a completely different customer base.

2023 ALPINA B4 Gran Coupe 47 830x553

For the X7 M50i, it’s $ 100,000 where Cullinan costs three times as much, and then some. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. There is a rumor that in 2026 there will be 4 series and 8 series will be converted into 6 series, which will undoubtedly be more affordable than the electric specter coming towards the end of 2023. As a result, an ALPINA coupe series revival based on the still-confirmed 6 will not collide with the RR.

Rolls-Royce will be fully electric by 2030, MINI will follow soon. However, BMW and ALPINA will not leave ICE so soon. This creates the opportunity to roll out more expensive cars with combustion engines but without the BMW badge. This is a pure guess at the moment, but let’s keep in mind that new ICEs have already been created to meet Euro 7 regulations. Also, the ALPINA CEO said last year consumers were not interested in electric vehicles.

We will have to wait and see, considering what BMW has for ALPINA, the existing system will not be completed by the end of 2025. Note that the company founded by Burkard Bovensiepen is a specialized firm, having built 2,000 cars in 2021. It employs only 300 people, the existing jobs on the already announced Buchlow site have an impact Affected employees will be transferred to groups or supply chain and development partners will be helped to find jobs.

Source: No car

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