BMW X7 Facelift explained by Domagoj Dukec, BMW Head of Design

The BMW X7 has just received its mid-wheel LCI facelift, which comes with a brand new split headlight design as well as some new interior technology and slightly modified taillights. One thing seen in the X7 LCI in the photo and another thing seen in the video, where you can see the way the light dances around the body. However, watching a video of it and walking around from the person responsible for its design – BMW’s head of design Domagoj Dukek – is a completely different matter.

During a recent event, where we saw the new BMW X7 LCI in person, we had a chance to talk with Dukec about the new X7 and why his design team took this new look. In this video, Duke walks around the Horatio X7 LCI to discuss its new design components, what they are trying to achieve, and why each new component has been chosen.

Of course, it all started on the front, this new BMW X7 LCI business is over. The front edge of the new facelifted X7 is completely different from the previous one. Ironically, the huge kidney grill stays mostly the same and yet the front end looks completely different.

2023 bmw x7 m60i 00 830x553

The new split headlights make a huge difference in the design of the BMW X7. Not only are these completely different from everything BMW does, but they also take up a lot of space, vertically, which makes the X7 look even. Before the new split headlights, the pre-LCI headlights were very skinny, which made the huge grills look even bigger. Now, the headlights are more proportional to the kidney grille and it looks much better than before.

Although BMW has not just changed the headlights. The taillights were tweaked and the interior got a lot of overhaul In this video, Duke discusses in detail all the changes to the new design. Look at this.

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