BMW sales fell 7.3% in the first quarter of 2022, but demand for M cars increased

The BMW Core brand released first-quarter sales results of the year when it distributed 519,796. This represents a significant reduction of 7.3% compared to Q1 2021, but is understandable due to the problematic situation of supply shortages. A special highlight between January and March was the 4 Series whose sales nearly doubled in the year, reaching 27,704 units.

Although BMW was low, the M Division’s first quarter was a great one as sales rose 3.1% to 39,055 vehicles. It is noteworthy that the German luxury brand M also considers sales of performance cars, so not just the full-fat M model. By the way, the company is happy to make a strong start on the M240i xDrive made in Mexico. Also, the M3 and M4 continue to “enjoy great popularity.”

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BMW wants to remind us of the 50th of 2022M Anniversary of M Branch. Starting things with the M4 CSL next month, the product will celebrate the milestone with a cornocopia. We are finally going to see an M3 Turing before the end of the year. Also, the Wild Concept XM will enter production at over 700 horsepower as a plug-in hybrid SUV.

In terms of BMW Motorrad, customer shipments increased by 11.3% to 47,403 units in Q1 2022. As a result, the first quarter had the best results in the history of the motorcycle division.

Less than a week after BMW USA posted its own results, an announcement was made about how it was going worldwide between January and March. In the first quarter of the year, deliveries rose 3.2% to a total of 73,714 vehicles. The SUV was the driving force considering that the X3 to X7 models represented 57% of the total volume. Regular car demand fell 10.9% to 35,262 units, with SUVs selling 42,281 units

2022 is an important year for BMW, with the 7 Series G70 set to unveil on April 20. It features new petrol and diesel engines, and a fully electric i7 variant.

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