BMW M4 xDrive Dualus Shelby GT500 in U-Turn Drag Race

At this time people Edmunds Organized a true collision of continents with a conflict between Europe and North America. In particular, one of the fastest coupes from Germany had to contend with a hardcore coupe made in the United States. Ford’s pony car.

Remember, this is not a traditional drag race. The two high-performance machines had to make a U-turn and then go back to where they started. Both cars have advantages and disadvantages because the Shelby GT500 is more powerful but it is heavier. Also, the ‘Stang’ like a cow is the rear-wheel drive where its Bavarian opponent has AWD.

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Their engines are also vastly different. Below Shelby’s hood is a supercharged V8 5.2-liter unit while the M4 has twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six. The ability to channel the road is also differentiated by the seven-speed, dual-clutch for the Mustang and the eight-speed, torque-converter for the M4.

There is also the issue of pricing because BMW’s tested price was $ 101,795 and Shelby’s was $ 20,000 cheaper. Another inconsistency is represented by the tires, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s for the Mustang and the Pilot Sport 4S for the Rubber M4.

Due to the lack of AWD, the GT500 is expected to be as fast as the M4. BMW can create such a huge gap that Shelby can’t recover it all comes down to it. If it were a traditional drag race, German cars would both win doubles. As these “U-Drugs” Edmunds The calls are long, which allows the V8’s engine to shine.

The M4 xDrive’s huge lead factor and it’s still lost, you start to understand the power gap. At 760 hp and 625 lb-ft (847 Nm), the Mustang has an additional 257 hp and 146 lb-ft (198 Nm).

In addition to losing 100kg (220 lbs), the M4 CSL will have more, but will that be enough to lose the Shelby GT500?

Source: Edmunds / YouTube

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