Just a month ago, Whoa! The rear-wheel-drive BMW M3 competed against the Audi RS3 sedan. Spoiler alert If you haven’t seen the dual, it wins the drag race despite the lack of xDrive. A much less famous YouTuber goes by that name Archie Hamilton Now M4 has lined up against RS3, but with a different result.

Yes, the RS3 was much faster again thanks to its Quattro setup. Especially once you consider that the surface was a bit damp that day. Not that we were trying to find any excuses for the M4, but the driver’s response was quite slow. It also looks like the two drag races weren’t up to a quarter-mile, so BMW didn’t have enough time to catch up.

When running from 30 miles (50 km / h), traction is less important. The M4’s larger and more powerful engine shines, allowing the coupe to move comfortably. After all we were talking about two cars from different departments. Audi is undoubtedly a firecracker with fisty inline-five engine, but it is 100 hp and 110 lb-ft less than BMW.

Archie Hamilton believes the RS3 still wins the drag race from a permanent start against an M4 xDrive. This seems impossible since AWD shaves 0.4 seconds from sprint at 62 mph (100 km / h) on RWD. As shown in the previous video, even if the xDrive-less M3 competes to beat Ingolstadt’s sports sedan, AWD will create even bigger gaps.

As always, drag and rolling races do not paint a complete picture of vehicle performance. This is a fun way to watch cars turn hard, just as long as drivers have the same reaction time.

Source: Archie Hamilton Racing / YouTube