A few days ago, a report was published about M3 Turing lapping N নrburging in about 7 minutes and 30 seconds. This has not yet been confirmed by BMW, and in the meantime, a spy video shows it before the alleged hot call. The G81 was pushed hard into the corner of Nordschleife to prove that wagons can be as exciting as they really are.

Experimental vehicles with track layouts and side-plastered “B’Ring It On” have been around since 2021, possibly indicating BMW’s desire to break a record. Of course, we’re talking about the fastest production wagons around Green Hell. To do this you need to cross the finish line in less than 7 minutes and 45 seconds required by Mercedes-AMG E63S Estate. 7:30 With rumors of lap time, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem for M3 Turing.

2022 bmw m3 Turing rendering 00 830x553
Rendered by Motor.es

Based on the competition xDrive, the long-roofed M3 has all the ingredients to dethron a hot wagon from Affalterbach. Some would argue that these records are stupid and would be somewhat accurate. That being said, we’re still anxious to see the whole lap. M3 Turing has been around for decades and is now only a few months away from reality.

Only sales numbers will show if it matches demand. However, the lack of a manual gearbox can hamper its popularity. If it is not brought to the United States, it will have a negative impact on sales. I guess we can’t get it all …

The M3 Turing is an interesting proposition considering the AMG C63 Estate getting a plug-in hybrid four-cylinder setup. Not only that, the next generation Audi RS4 Avant has already been confirmed as PHEV. The spicy Wagon M3 will break the cover in the last half of 2022 based on the LCI. BMW will sell it in certain markets for about three years.

Source: Carspimidia / YouTube